Future Lamborghini projects

Automobili Lamborghini is continuously planning the way ahead and we can expect to see the following:

  • Espada II: A long four-wheel drive saloon with Gallardo V10 power in the nose and four seats is on the drawing board and could see the light of day in a few years. A rear hatch is planned and should ensure that it won't steal sales from it's blood brothers. Lamborghini is using the Audi Nuvolari, which was built on a shortened Audi A8 platform, as their base in the development.
  • Espada II two-seat cabriolet: Could be spun off the Espada successor project. Both V12 and V10 engines could power this vehicle.
  • LM00X: Lamborghini is working on a sports off-roader inspired by the LM002. It will possibly be prepared in three version: A four-wheel drive advanced Reef Runner, a four-wheel drive simpler Road Runner and a two-wheel drive lower Race Runner. All are planned to have two doors with scissor set-up functionality. It will be powered either by the Gallardo's V10 or the Murciélago's V12. Unpainted carbon-fibre body panels is proposed as a rough touch.
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